The “Ferrarina”

Production was, however, slow to start, despite the large number of orders received, partly due to Ferrari’s lack of interest in the project. The history of the Maranello Prancing Horse has always been associated with luxurious cars with refined engines characterized by high power and large displacement, but this is a story in itself, largely … More The “Ferrarina”

Kit car passion

The car was sold in kit form, common in those days to avoid the Purchase Tax from which such unassembled cars were exempt. The car manufacturing adventure of the Welsh Gilbern began in 1959 with the co-operation between Giles Smith and Bernard Friese, a German engineer with experience in glass-fibre. Their first car was the … More Kit car passion

Too far ahead

The innovative glass-fibre reinforced polyester bodywork meant certain decisions aimed at containing costs faded into the background. In the early 1960s, sales of the American marque Studebaker were not going at all well following the 1954 merger with Packard; the fate of the two brands now seemed to be sealed.  Hopes were resting on a … More Too far ahead

The forgotten spider

This peculiarity made the small spider unique, but paradoxically the market failed to understand the constructive solution, it was too expensive and had performance which could not match the competition The Autobianchi marque, which appeared after the Second World War from the ashes of Bianchi, built cars successfully during the 41-year lifetime of the brand, … More The forgotten spider