Not just retro

An interesting feature of this model was, according to Daihatsu tradition, good use of space offering comfort for four passengers, thanks also to its generous wheelbase The phenomenon of retro cars has long been pivotal for some manufacturers, producing modern products inspired by cars from their past and giving birth to a fashionable operation capable … More Not just retro

Alice’s Journey

Young Alice had a real passion for automobiles, so much so that her husband, John R. Ramsey, was persuaded to buy a car owned by Maxwell in 1908. Take any one of the many car brands which filled American streets in the early 1900s and add a normal housewife in her twenties from New York … More Alice’s Journey

The first Italian

The first Miari & Giusti car was a tricycle which, in addition to its revolutionary engine, also featured a carburettor setting never seen before, air and petrol filter systems and an interesting engine lubrication system. Digging into the history of the car one finds almost unknown, but certainly not unimportant, events. Every company, whether it … More The first Italian

The most refined

Before the outbreak of the First World War the marque owed its success to its reputation as a state-of-the-art manufacturer, reliable and well-run, and it received great approval in other countries too, notably in England. At the beginning of the last century there was a real explosion of new car manufacturers, even in countries which … More The most refined

Green & Forgotten: the future in the past – Milburn’s adventure

The car was powered by an electric motor and its price was competitive considering the avant-garde technology which characterized the car and the era in which it was made. George Milburn founded his company around 1850 and, at the start, devoted his efforts to the production of carriages and transport wagons under the name of … More Green & Forgotten: the future in the past – Milburn’s adventure

Green and Forgotten: the future in the past – Kriéger’s adventure

The innovation of Kriéger cars, in addition to their engine, was the braking energy recovery system, a system very popular on today’s electric and hybrid cars but in Kriéger’s time a brilliant idea which positioned his cars at the forefront of modern propulsion. The phenomenon of the car powered by electricity, which is becoming increasingly … More Green and Forgotten: the future in the past – Kriéger’s adventure